We manufacture, install, reconstruct any kind of indoor and outdoor elevator shafts.
We are able to accommodate even the most difficult ambient conditions and requirements for difficult performances in the place of realization.
We measure the shafts, we suggest the most appropriate method of realization with regard to the requirements and needs of the client and we create a project. Steel structures are manufactured in our workshops, the components are transported to the place of installation and assembled into a disponible space.
The aim of our realization is to satisfy maximally the client with our proposed solution, that the work was for him at an affordable and reasonable  price, that we made quality professional work, which in itself serves as our visit card.
The lift shafts are made ​​from different kinds of steel profiles, according to the visual side and structural integrity of the building.
All the profiles are treated with an anticorrosive paint and coating color, the client chooses himself the tint from the sampler RAL.
 We use a wide range of materials for the cladding of the lift shafts.
tempered safety glass (also milk glass)
comaxit treated steel sheets
corrugated sheet metal anodized
sandwich panels with insulation
and more ...
The lift shafts are manufactured in fireproof design, we possess a certificate for the realizations of fire protective coatings, the claddings of such elevator shafts have their own manufacturer's certificate.