We offer a complete professional service in the field of lifting equipment.

We propose the customized modernization solutions, for the greater safety of old elevators.
We offer repairs, overhaul and preventive maintenance.
The costs for maintenance of elevators can be divided into emergency repairs and modernization elements. In addition to routine maintenance, inspection, monitoring, inspection and reports.
We supply all spare parts from our storage  and from the storage of our partners.
We supply service works on elevators and we provide warranty and post-warranty service, including inspections and tests for newly built elevators.
At the same time this is done on older types of elevators,
which represent 40% of the total number of serviced lifting equipment.
All these are carried out by the working groups ( each of 2 revision
technicians and thus is the most efficient work carried out within the
maintenance according to the standards  27 4002.  One group is determined for "heavy" maintenance,
i.e. for major repairs and modernization.
Service personnel are professionally trained, they all are in possession of a certificate from the state
professional supervision. They have a long practice, experience and technical background.
We provide service for all kinds of elevators, we meet the highest quality requirements.
We offer medium repairs and modernizations of existing elevators according to European standards with minimum cost.
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