Platforms /home lifts


We supply and install various types of stair platforms for disabled persons and scissor platforms for the transport of goods within  specified various capacities. Further specifications on request, please contact our sales department.
We supply platforms and lifts for family houses ( the HomeLifts and Mylifts) with capacities from 100 kg to transport one person to the capacity of 300 and 450 kg. To the maximum travel 20 m and 5 stations with manual winged and automatic folding doors.
Power consumption is very low - 0.55 kW, power supply 230V, 50Hz.
The actuator is controlled by a frequency inverter for high drivability and travel comfort.
This platform is without machine room.
Recently we supply also equipments in the very narrow shafts, the big advantage is adapting to any demands of dimension disposition.
We also install these platforms in the hydraulic version. The machine room is designed with steel or stainless steel cabinet, where the main switch, electrical controller and a pump are stored.
The box can be placed downstairs next to or behind the shaft. Or in a niche outside the shaft max. to the distance of 10 meters.
We have a very diverse collection of design finishes for these special home lifts,  making this product  an  interesting design and decorative element in the family houses.