Passenger elevators


-We provide passenger elevators with capacities from 250-2500 kg
-We offer traction and hydraulic elevators
-With and without machine room
-We use mainly gearless machine controlled by a frequency inverter
-We guarantee excellent quality, latest technology, reliability and long-time durability
-Our products meet all applicable government regulations, Czech and European standards
-They meet the strictest safety regulations and they are certified by the European Union
We supply passenger elevators :
- In the non-public residential buildings
-In the public buildings, offices, hotels
- Panoramic and scenic elevators
- Hospital and bed elevators
- Lifts for disabled persons
- Fire and evacuation lifts
- Special and inclined lifts
- We also supply elevators with reduced headroom till 2800 mm and pit till 280 mm 
We offer individual full- customized solutions for each request
Latest technology - we use the latest technology. A wide range of varied diverse solutions from which every customer can choose the best for his type of building
The best qualities - Improved sound isolation -  noise reduction. Damping of the vibrations of residential houses. Doors with the possibility of other entrances into the cabin by 90 ° or 180 °
Less energy consumption - more ecological solutions that ensure substantial savings of energy consumption
More usable cabin space - Maximum use of space that we have available. Increased cabin area for all shafts. Low pit. Flexible location of the main switchboard. The possibility to obtain a new space by releasing the machine room compartment.
MODERN DESIGN - New design of the car, according to current modern trends. Aesthetic design according to customer requirements. A large number of colors and types of cabin walls and floor coverings. Greater simplicity and lightness of the cabin.
No architectural barriers - No grade, the optimal solution for the removal of architectural barriers and to facilitate the entry of people with reduced mobility, of tenants of all ages. Easy access for wheelchairs and prams. Directly from the street to all floors. Customized display. Compliance with standards for inputs EN 81-70.
Maximum peace, safety and reliability - Maximally precise stop exactly at floor level, no protrusions that could cause tripping. The optical barrier that detects people at any height. The door is not closed until you are inside. Automatic rescue in case of emergency. In case of blocking the elevator descends to the nearest floor and opens the door. In accordance with the strictest measures to ensure the highest level of safety. Automatic dialing of the first aid.