Freight elevators


and small service lifts, also called "dumb waiters"   ...
Our company offers freight elevators with capacity up to 5,000 kg, we usually don´t make bigger capacities, but we are able to arrange their production and subsequent assembly.
These are traction or hydraulic elevators, with the engine room above or next to the elevator shaft. Cabins are equipped with the protective bump rails against damage. The floor is usually made ​​up of chequered sheet metal or antiskid material.
The elevators are designed with microprocessor control system.
We propose also the elevators without transport of passangers with an outdoor control.
Elevators with minimum pit of 100 mm or with no pit, solutions with sloping access ramp and headroom to 2500mm. Delivery includes a  steel structure supported frame,  with baked enamel steel plate cladding.
We supply and install  small service lifts and dumb waiters in the range of 24 kg - 300 kg.
Our possibilities allow us to supply a wide range of models with cabins and doors of various sizes.
Catalogue - dumb waiters ande service lifts Microlift   Catalogue - Box lift :goods lift without passenger transport